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[IPp] Elisa Handel book (long)

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In case anyone is curious about this book...

The book, *A Child in Your Care has Diabetes*, by Elisa Hendel (we own a 
copy) does have some very good, simple forms to fill in with your own info, 
for school, etc.  After pump-start, we used it at (non-d) daycamp this 
summer, and the director thought it was very helpful; also used A LOT of it 
for our school meeting (private school, no 504).  Teacher thought it was 
good, helpful, easy to understand -- some sheets are well-formatted for a 
substitute teacher to get a decent grip.  The author encourages you not to 
write in the book, but to copy the pages as you need them and fill them in.

>From the Table of Contents of the book (there's a foreword, etc), several 
different sections:
Important Phone Numbers
Staff Meeting Checklist
Supply Letter
Parent Responsibilities
General Info
Testing Results & Instructions
Blood Glucose Results
Class Parties
Field Trip List
Extracurricular Checklist
Insulin Pump Info (*very* basic explanation of what it is/does, also a 
similar sheet to Testing Results & Instructions, above)
504 Accomodations
Important Phone Numbers
Daily Info
Sleepover Checklist
Travel Letter
Trip Essentials
Diabetes Defined
Monitoring Blood Glucose
Snacks & Meals
The Law
How to Administer Glucagon

I am very glad that I have this book, since I have been told that I 
"overwhelm" people with info.  :)  These basic sheets help me get the info 
down, more simply put.  I feel that the pages are very user-friendly and 
that these sheets are easy to understand, easy to refer back to, and are 
unintimidating.  Some of the sheets (e.g. hypo/hyperglycemia, trip 
essentials, supply letter, etc.) deviate slightly from what we use/do 
(treating lows under 70; we start at 80), but they are a great starting 
point, in those cases.

We have no regrets about buying this book!  Just my 2-cents here...

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, 8, pumping 6/02

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