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Re: [IPp] Bk.-How to Care....

     Pages 18 and 19 cover insulin pump info, including how to handle highs, 
lows, when to test, and a space to write in add'l info. The next 3 pages deal 
with 504 accomodations. There are also charts to be filled in and xeroxed as 
needed dealing with sleepovers, travel, class trips, class parties, 
extracurriculars, staff meeting checklists, charts for school nurses to 
record bgs, etc. There's also a detailed glossary & great info on lows & 
highs, including a great visual on the back cover that I hadn't previously 
seen. ( not the one with the silly faces!!)
   Not only did I purchase a copy which I keep here for reference, but I also 
purchased a 2nd copy which I donated to our local library- the same library 
which had nothing current when my daughter was dx'd almost 10 years ago.
   Hope this helps!!
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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