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[IPn] good news

Dear Pumpers and Friends,

I'm happy to tell you that we are well past the half way point for 
the Summer Pledge drive with a total so far today of over $3300. I do 
believe we are well on the way toward making our goal of $6000 for 
the quarter. There are presently almost $600 in challenges that when 
matched should put us in the home stretch.

So far during this pledge drive over 100 forum members have made 
contributions to help support Insulin Pumpers, joining the over 450 
members that have made a donation in the last year to help bring 
Insulin Pumpers to YOU. I remind you that with almost 4000 members, 
raising the money needed for Insulin Pumpers would be a piece of cake 
(4.5 unit bolus please) if all would chip in just a small amount, 
less than a dollar a month. If you are financially able, please do 
your share, don't leave the heavy lifting to others. Insulin Pumpers 
is dedicated to helping those with diabetes live a better life NOW, 
TODAY, and solving the day to day problems that all of us affected by 
diabetes must deal with every day whether you are Type 1 or Type 2 or 
the parent or loved one of someone that has diabetes.

WE HAVE A CHALLENGE 1) to help each other 2) to match a very generous 
gift from NEW YORK CITY of $250.

Your donation of $10, $20 or more will be matched dollar for dollar 
by NEW YORK and will be double the benefit for your friends at 
Insulin Pumpers. Somehow we must achieve our goal for this pledge 
drive. Your contribution will help.

For those residents of the US where I can mail a thank you gift, 
there are some nice thank you gifts for your donation of $15 or more 
provided by the folks at Novo Nordisk, Minimed and Disetronic. Please 


To make a matching contribution toward this challenge, or to make a
continuing gift to Insulin Pumpers visit the Insulin Pumpers donation
page at:


For new Challenges, use the Insulin Pumpers challenge gift page at:


Send  contributions by mail, addressed to:

Insulin Pumpers
4600 El Camino Real - Suite 206
Los Altos, CA 94022

In the UK,  <=====
for tax deductible donation, use your charity 
card and/or contribute to the CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) on 
behalf of Insulin Pumpers, CAF charity #002139. See 


or call 0800 99 33 11 for details.

My best regards,

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
email @ redacted
For mail list removal write
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org