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Re: [IPp] Another Plug for Dads....

> > Thanks for the laugh!  The thought of my husband allowing anyone, much
> > our son, to insert a site in him struck me as hysterical.  He cringed
> > first time he saw Devin insert that long Comfort needle.
> >
> >
> Carol:
>     Needless to say, the dad also cringed when the group suggested it, but
> front of 20 other parents, he couldn't "lose face" and refuse, so when
> got home & suggested it to their daughter, he "had to" comply! LOL...They
> also made him check his bgs frequently & calculate his carbs, etc....It
> was a "win/win" for everyone since the dad no longer felt as if he was
> incompetent to assist in his child's care...
> Regards
> Renee (Melissa's pump mom)


Peer Pressure - That's what I need!

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