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[IPp] no much help for moms (used to be ? about weight gain)


Hang in there.  Do you think that it is simply human nature for mom's to
take on so much?  It seems that I just take more on each day and without
much help....uh, oh, sounding as if I am feeling sorry for myself!  I
sent a post earlier about how important it is to me to have Amelia learn
to take care of herself so she will continue to do so as a teenager,
ect.  I think a lot of the push to get her to be self-sufficient is an
attempt to relieve the worry of "what if something happens to me?".  My
husband helps but has to ask lots of questions because he works alot, is
out of town alot, and simply doesn't deal with it as much as I do.  I
love him but he could be better.  He wasn't very good about diapers
either...kind of macho but I love him none the less.  My older daughter
is very helpful but she is 15 and I cannot expect her to provide constant
care, she is a h.s. cheerleader, taking college classes, and has her own

I know that if I had a granddaughter that was diabetic, I would learn all
that I could to help.  But, she didn't spend a whole lot of time
pre-diagnosis with her either.  Just the way they are.  You would think
we lived a million miles apart instead of about 5 miles! Ugh........okay,
my turn to say thanks for letting me vent!


From: "Carol Mulligan" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IPp] Question about weight gain

> first thing about Amelia's diabetes.  When Amelia was diagnosed, my
> mother-in-law told me, "She will learn to take care of herself soon".
> Needless to say, she doesn't get to go with her often, not that she
> to.  Enough Said....sorry so long.
> Cheri, Mom to Amelia, 9, D 1/00 and P 12/00 and Amanda, 15


I can relate!  When Devin was dx a over a year ago, my HUSBAND said the
thing "He'll learn to do it himself". Well, he's never given a shot,
helped with glucose testing at night, and frankly! I'm not sure he'd know
what to do in an emergency situation.  Judging from past experience, he'd
probably be lost.  My Mother-in-law said a year ago "Oh, I'll have to
how to do this".  Well, so far skip, nada, zilch - makes me so mad I

Carol (on my own with my son)



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