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Re: [IPp] Another Plug for Dads....

As I read your E-mail I thought boy I could adopt her!  Then I read that if I 
move to NJ that could be arranged, where in NJ do you live?  We spend 1 week 
at Ocean Grove this year and loved it.  Hubby spent all this summers there as 
a kid and has often spoke above moving.  You are truly blessed to have a Mom 
who was willing to learn what she could from you.  My mother things lets just 
feed the girls it doesn't have a lot of sugar!  Doesn't want to learn and now 
that she's in a nursing home can't.  She should only be there about 1 more 
week, rehab, but even then forget it.  We have been dealing with "D" for over 
7 years and really can't count on too many people to watch them for more than 
2 hours.  Hubby can do the work but it's easier for him if I do it.  Yes, it 
would be easier for me if someone else could come in and take over but there 
isn't.  Sometimes I would like a break.  Take this AM, he knew I was still 
upset so when he got up at 6:30 he did their blood and then gave them a 
correction bolus.  But when he fed them at 9 AM he didn't retest so he didn't 
know if they came down.  When I asked him what was their blood he said that 
he didn't feel the need to redo them.  Needless to say sites had to be 
changed later because I couldn't get them down. Oh well.  Have a great day.

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