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Re: [IPp] Another Plug for Dads....

Dear Eileen,

I want to add, that it's not that my husband can't do it, it's that he
chooses to let me do it  If something were to happen to me, he would be
able to take over.  My mother helps me more than he does.  She takes
Jessy and Julie frequently during the summer for overnight stays (God
bless her, I can't get her to take Trevor yet though) and I get about 10
phone calls from her while she has her.  Just making sure that she is
doing it right.  I've had to walk her through a set change, a battery
change, and high sugars throughout the night.  She does it without
complaint, but feels she must call me just to be on the safe side.  She
has gone from asking me what to do, to saying I think we need to do this,
what do you think?  I deal with it every day, she deals with it once a
week, so I don't mind the calls.  At least I know what's going on.  I
really don't know what I would do without my mom.  She really is the
greatest, and! she didn't let a disease like diabetes slow the kids
visits down.  I think I have the greatest mom in the entire world! 
Thanks for letting me share that.  (Maybe if you all move to NJ, she can
adopt you all....lol)  By the way, she is a first grade teacher, and
thinks that the problems I am having with the school is total bull and
based purely on ignorance.  She is my greatest supporter.

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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email @ redacted >Subject: Re: [IPp] Another Plug
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> > > Count your blessings! My husband can do it if he has to, but I get
a > > million questions constantly. He never gets up with her in the
night, or > > any of the kids for that matter, and I can't remember the
last time I was > > able to take a nap. I'm not complaining, just want
you to know how > > truely lucky you are, but I'm sure you already do. >
> > > > >Ditto......... > >Eileen Clarke
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