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[IPp] Another Plug for Dads....

Dear Carol (et all),

I'm so sorry to hear how you must do all this alone.  Whereas, my mom won't 
do any of this stuff (yet!), (and my MIL loves in another state, though I 
love her!), my husband is fabulous!  From diagnosis he's been there shot for 
shot.  He can calculate, etc. But, being a programmer, he made a very basic 
program to do all of this for us (he's expanding it, but just threw something 
together in a few minutes to cover the basics).  

During these first few weeks of very frequent testing, often he does the 
midnight AND 3am checks so that I can sleep, PLUS, he's arranged to 
telecommute to be at home so we can trade off naps.  

I feel so blessed to have such a husband, and hope that you all will find the 
support that you need.  I know I could do it alone if I had to (and he could 
too!), but so thankful that I don't.


Marie  :)
Mom to Nikkolas (Nikko) 7/98
Dx'd 3/01
Pumping MM508 since 7/02
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