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[IPp] Re: Service - and weight gains and school

Patricia uses her h-trons and we love them. She did have a new dtron but we
sent it back after problems and poor service during that time. We got
excellent care from the first trainer who is now not with distronics but has
changed to work for animas. I miss her alot but we are making head ways into
getting better service in Canada. I did not like their phone service 24 hr
help line as had bad service.But they know that now and are working harder
at having better service all over.
As to weight gain, Patricia lost weight at first but now has gained some.But
she is 5ft 4, 120 lbs and age 12. Her weight has balanced off and she is
still growing taller. Hormones and all play into this and your gene pool.We
did chat with her dietician and they were very pleased with all.

School from primary to Grade 6 was hard and we had many nightmares. But now
things are looking better and she is starting Grade 7 too. She also has
learning disabilities big time so she faces many challenges but she is our
sun shine kid and we love her.
Jana Mom to Patricia and all the rest...
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