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[IPp] Question about weight gain

My daughter Amelia, age 9, has also gained weight since pumping.  I
contribute some of it to the fact that she can eat what she wants now. 
Also, some may be heridity as my older daughter is big boned (from my
husbands side) and struggles with her weight although she doesn't let it
hold her back....she made cheerleader for high school this year!  The
main thing I notice is that she is going through maturation already.  She
is developing, growing and her hormones are raging!  I talked to her endo
and he said not to worry too much about it right now, just add more
exercise and have healthier snacks, which we are doing....we meaning all
of the family is trying to eat healthier and exercise more.  I don't want
to single Amelia out.  Her very annoying cousin was saying she was big
and fat because she is tougher than him and beat him in wrestling!  I
told him he was mean and wouldn't have many friends if he acted that
way!  Both of m! y girls are beautiful, outgoing, smart girls and I am
grateful for that!  My advice would be to increase activity, limit
junkfood for all and let your son enjoy life!  As for the in-laws,
someone should have told us we marry them also!  Mine don't know the
first thing about Amelia's diabetes.  When Amelia was diagnosed, my
mother-in-law told me, "She will learn to take care of herself soon". 
Needless to say, she doesn't get to go with her often, not that she wants
to.  Enough Said....sorry so long.

Cheri, Mom to Amelia, 9, D 1/00 and P 12/00 and Amanda, 15

Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 12:23:19 -0500
From: "Nova L" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IPp] Question about weight gain

Hello!  I am a parent of a 9 yr old pumper.  My son Travis uses the Mini
Paradigm and has had it since last April (I think).  He was dx'd a week
his 1st birthday with Type 1 Diabetes.

My question is......Have any of you noticed that your child has gained
since being on the pump??  Travis has gained noticibly.  And it is
starting to
really bother him.  We have had some *very* rude family members comment
this to him.  I was just wondering if it was common.

I know alot of ! it has to do with him retaining water.  For about the
past 3
months he has been really puffy and all over his body it looks swollen. 
We go
to see our Endo on the 29th so I am going to ask him about this.

Thank you!



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