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[IPp] Re: Question about weight gain

     Claire age 8 (dx at age 2) had always been at 75 percentile for weight 
and 50th percentile for height since age 1.  However, since pumping began on 
her 7th birthday 16 months ago, she has gained weight slower and now both 
percentiles are close to 50.  Since her control is so much better than the 
very poor control she had with injections I don't have to worry about this, I 
know that she isn't peeing out too many calories.  Because she feels so much 
better, she is more active than when she was on injections and went to 400 
almost every day.  
     So I think that you can probably see things go either way, or not change 
at all when kids start pumping. 
     Has your son's lifestyle changed much?  
     I would be quite concerned if he is retaining water and looking puffy.  
I'm glad you are seeing your doctor soon, there could be medical issues to 
the situation.
     Keep us posted and good luck next week with the doctor.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> <<My question is......Have any of you noticed that your child has gained 
> weight
> since being on the pump??  Travis has gained noticibly.  And it is starting 
> to
> really bother him.  We have had some *very* rude family members comment 
> about
> this to him.  I was just wondering if it was common.
> I know alot of it has to do with him retaining water.  For about the past 3
> months he has been really puffy and all over his body it looks swollen.>>  
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