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[IPp] re: Question about weight gain

<<<<My question is......Have any of you noticed that your child has gained
since being on the pump?? >>>>>>>>>>>

This is the exact opposite of our experience w/ pumping in Luke, 7 (will be 8
in Nov.).  He's been pumping since March 5, 2001.  On injections he had gotten
to the point where he was a bit chubby - about 60 percentile on height, but
over 90-95 percentile on weight.  Since pumping, he's slimmed down - Luke
initially lost about 6 pounds (out of 60) and he's now at about 70 percentile
on both height & weight growth charts.  As he grows, he seems to get leaner &
leaner.   To the point where finding sites has gotten more difficult, we can no
longer use the "love handles" on the back just above the waistline, and we had
to switch from QuickSets to Sils because his muscles (especially on tummy) bend
the cannulas after the first hint of exercise.    Luke stopped eating as much -
breakfast & 2 of his 3 snacks a day were always a big fight on injections
because it was more food than he could eat.  Since pumping he eats less across
the day - but still plenty to grow.  He's regained that 6 pounds and about 3
inches in height to go with it.

I hope the water gain issue gets resolved!  
Regards, Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99

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