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Re: [IPp] School Nurses

>Just thought
>I would share that there are some schools and
districts that none of
>this is a problem. > >Jocelyn, Brian's mom

I just wanted to pitch in here and say we have been very, very lucky also
(so far anyway).  My daughter just started Kindergarten this year, and I was
SO nervous!  We had our little meeting on the 504 and to plan b.s. checks,
etc, and I knew right away we were going to have an easy adjustment (except
I was a little emotional about sending my first baby to school!).  The
counselor for the elementary has had diabetes since she was a kid, and is on
the pump.  She is taking care of all pump related things, meal bolus,
corrections, etc.  She was also great in the meeting, pointing out some
things we needed to include in the plan and that we needed to schedule an
extra check because of when p.e. class is.

Since she started school this week, the nurse has called me anytime she was
unsure of what to do or to confirm that she did the right thing.  This is a
small school, which I think may be to Ashleys benefit, because they have
been so great.  I couldnt ask for a better nurse or pump assistance than
this.  But Im still a little emotional about her going to school, but not
because she has diabetes, lol!

Angela, mom to Ashley, 4 (dxd 1/01) & Kristina, 21 mo.
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