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Re: [IPp] Question about weight gain

Hello!  I am a parent of a 9 yr old pumper.  My son Travis uses the Mini Med
Paradigm and has had it since last April (I think).  He was dx'd a week after
his 1st birthday with Type 1 Diabetes.

My question is......Have any of you noticed that your child has gained weight
since being on the pump??  Travis has gained noticibly.  And it is starting to
really bother him.  We have had some *very* rude family members comment about
this to him.  I was just wondering if it was common.

I know alot of it has to do with him retaining water.  For about the past 3
months he has been really puffy and all over his body it looks swollen.  We go
to see our Endo on the 29th so I am going to ask him about this.

Thank you!

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