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[IPp] School Nurses

I read all these posts about problems with school nurses and it makes me
glad that in my son's school district there is no school nurse!  I guess
there is one nurse for the county and she stops in and reads health
cards once each year at the school.  My son has had diabetes for all of
his 5th, 6th and 7th grade years and we have never had any problems, or
any contact with a nurse.  In elementary school, I brought a small
refrigerator into the classroom to make having scheduled snacks easier
(he was on shots at the time).  Through middle school I have had my son
issued a permanent hall pass so he can leave a class at any time for a
bathroom break, water break, or a trip to the health clinic if he wanted
to call home or needed a juice.  He carries Mentos (his candy of choice)
in his pencil pouch as well as his blood kit.  He tests wherever he
wants and since being on the pump corrects and does boluses whenever and
wherever needed.  My son is active in sports and is typically at school
from 7:30am - 5pm with no problems.  He has gone low, been high, forgot
boluses, left his pump at home, had battery alarms go off, but
everything is handled as routine, just something to take care of.  I am
so glad we don't have a nurse trying to take care of him!  Just thought
I would share that there are some schools and districts that none of
this is a problem.
Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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