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[IPp] David is trying to decide on a pump

I have to voice my support for the Diestronic H Tron pump!  The only time
in 19 months of pumping that we have had a problem with the pump is when
we had 2 bad batteries(both went dead within seconds of the other which
is rare) and lost the programming. We wasn't sure at the time that it was
the batteries but we put them in her 2nd pump (a definate advantage two
get two pumps for the price of one!) and figured it out!  So, we
reprogrammed her basals after replacing the batteries with new and the
crisis was over.  I didn't even call Diesetronic until the next day. 
They took me at my word and sent out new batteries to replace the bad
ones!  Amelia likes to change pumps occasionally and has that option with
the Diestronic.    It doesn't offer two or more profiles (basal rate
options) but I don't see that we would use that much.  The temporary
basal feauture is great for sick days and heavy activity.  Also, it ! is
worth noting that the batteries in her pump last for about 3 months! Just
my two cents!

Cheri, Mom to Amelia, 9, diagnosed 1/00 and pumping 12/00, and Amanda 15!

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 23:04:24 -0500
From: "Mike Swaithes" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IPp] David is trying to decide on a pump 

WOW, not getting a returned call from MM even before they have you
for 4 yrs. That's not a good sign.

Why don't you ask people on this list what they think about their pump
the service they get from the pump company. I would trust people using
pump much quicker than the sales pitch you are going to get from the pump
rep. Listen to the pump reps, but hear the users.

Good luck



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