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RE: [IPp] questions about 504

It IS the principal's job. They are the legal representative for the school
district. The secretary didn't know what she was talking about.

Something to keep in mind for the future. Principals go on duty 2 - 4 weeks
before the teachers do. Send a fax or letter to the principal as soon as
they go on duty (you can find out from the school district) requesting a 504
meeting BEFORE school starts. Also requesting a teacher in-service BEFORE
school starts.

We do this each year and it works out very well (the years we have had a
cooperative school). This year for example the principal and nurse para (a
PT aide, not a RN) arranged for our in-service for last Friday. School
starts tomorrow. We had an hour to go over diabetes and Tarek's specific
care. Almost all of his teachers were there, the nurse para, the principal,
and the district nurse. A couple of teachers couldn't make it due to other
district responsibilities, but the district nurse is going to educate them
one-on-one. We also left the latest Barbara Davis video, and they all will
be watching that over the next couple of weeks as part of their D education.
We also left D Info Folders and a bag of glucose (1 juice, 1 bottle of
tablets, and one tube of gel) for all the teachers

We had a 504 last year, so this year we only need to do some minor updates
and the 504 planning meeting isn't until next Tues., a week after school
starts. I'm not to concerned. If it was less of a compliant school, I would
have insisted on the meeting taking place before school started.

School districts in Colorado will not train anyone to administer glucagon.
This is something we have had to deal with. Nothing we can do, we fought it
all the way up the ladder. (well, SD ladder)

Just remember that the beginning of school is very stressful for the
principal and teachers (and the students) and anything you can do to take
care of things in advance will help, and they will be (in my opinion) more
open if they have more time and aren't rushed. FYI for the future :)

Mom to Tarek, age 10, IDDM, dx 11-16-1998
Pumping DTron since 1-12-2001
Denver, Colorado

> -----Original Message-----
> I am trying to get Amelia's 504 in place and am getting frustrated.  Our
> school district has one nurse to cover 4 schools so I haven't heard from
> her.  It is Monday and school starts Wednesday.<SNIP> I would like to know
> how many school without full time nurses are willing to administer
> glucagon.  I covered this in Amelia's 504--that it would be
> administered.  Will see what they say.  The school has always been
> helpful but I just get the feeling that they think diabetes is just not
> that big of a deal and that I am worried about nothing. Thanks for
> letting me complain and vent my frustrations!
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