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[IPp] questions about 504

I am trying to get Amelia's 504 in place and am getting frustrated.  Our
school district has one nurse to cover 4 schools so I haven't heard from
her.  It is Monday and school starts Wednesday.  I thought I would go to
the principal of Amelia's school who has always been very helpful to
arrange a meeting for the 504 that I typed up and had Amelia's doctor
sign.  Now after talking with the secretary of the school, I am being
told that it is the teacher's responsibility to fill out the 504 and get
the necessary people involved.  Teacher's have so much to do, is it
really thier responsibility?  How can they start a 504 plan with minimal
knowlege of diabetes, or maybe they just hand us a form and tell us to
fill in the blanks.  I am not willing to send Amelia to school without
atleast visiting with the teacher first.I think it would be convenient
for all for the parents of the diabetics to attend a! staff meeting and
cover what is needed to protect their kids?!  I tried to get in touch
with the teacher at registration but was told to talk to her at
back-to-school night which is tomorrow night.  There will be many parents
there, not to the time to talk 504 and diabetes.  Also would like to know
how many school without full time nurses are willing to administer
glucagon.  I covered this in Amelia's 504--that it would be
administered.  Will see what they say.  The school has always been
helpful but I just get the feeling that they think diabetes is just not
that big of a deal and that I am worried about nothing. Thanks for
letting me complain and vent my frustrations!  Cheri, Mom to Amelia, Age
9, D 1-19-00, Pumping 12-13-00 and Amanda, 15


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