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[IPp] A good analogy...

Here is the article about the thickness of the blood during 'highs' and
'lows'.....I found it tucked away in my 'drafts' folder.

Lisa, mom of Andrew, 3yrs , pumping 1yr


From: Carol Rowley <email @ redacted>
To: Delegate Families <email @ redacted>
Subject: A good analogy....
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 08:53:58 -0700 (PDT)

A friend with a child with diabetes sent this to me.  These analogies are
for those of you who have loved ones with diabetes, have diabetes
yourself, have taught, are teaching or will teach a child with diabetes
in the future.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of
Caroline's teachers at ROBS for allowing her to take a ! test at a later
date if her sugar is over 220, as I have always known she couldn't think
clearly at that point.  This is also especially important for the PE
teachers of children with diabetes so they can truly "identify" how the
child is feeling and why she/he should not participate in sports when the
sugar is over 220-250 (and most certainly when the blood sugar is low).  
I was feeling guilty for allowing Caroline to stay home yesterday morning
because her sugar was 429....she said she felt awful, but until I read
this I didn't truly understand how awful she felt.  By noon we had her
back on track with a 133 blood sugar and she was good to go....but still
tired.  Thanks to all of you for putting up with my emails, but I felt
this one was especially important.   Carol ----------------------------A
cardiologist friend of ours once told us that when Melissa is high, we
should picture Karo syrup in her veins, in lieu of blood...and! that
thick, very slow moving fluid was representative of the lethargic,
irritable, sluggish, demeanor we were seeing in her.... made it much more
"real" to us & made it easier to comprehend why she wasn't "raring to go"
when "weighed down" by  the "syrup". Also correlated with her own
observation that her blood  "appears" different too: thinner & watery
when very low, & thicker, darker when high.....
Pumpers and friends,
  Very true, Renee;  Every year at diabetes camp, one of the doctors
brings in IV blood bags (the bags are not real blood but something made
up in the lab...looks like it :) with blood sugars at 100, 200, 300, and
400mls. Then they ask the kids "what is your blood sugar now"?
   They divide them into groups according to their blood sugar readings,
and ask them how they feel? By letting them hold th! e bags, the kids
"see" that a blood sugar of 100  FEELS light, free flowing, like water;
the 200 blood sugar bag feels like Karo syrup, thick fluid; 300 feels
like liquid butter, hard to move with little pieces in it, 400  is like
lard or grease-can't move at all.
      Then they talk about how they think and feel at each blood sugar,
and why they need to try and have good blood sugars. This is the
experience that stands out in the reports we get back from campers.  THEY
GET IT!!!! ...a light comes on!!! I always tell people that for every 100
points my blood sugar is up from a 100, I have to work 100 times harder
to move, think, and live. Over 200 points, I  feel like I ran a 100
miles, then had to go 15 rounds with Ali, with no water or rest. And any
higher.. you want me to think or do anything????.....FORGET IT. I just
want to guzzle liquids and sleep. and the PAIN!!!!! it  hurts to move,
think, or do anythin! g.


And here's yet another "graphic" illustration from another IP member:

A diabetes educator who has diabetes herself showed our group examples of
4 levels of BG by using ketchup. A 100 BG is equal to a 1/2c ketchup &
1/3 c water; 200 = 1/2 c ketchup & 1/4 c water; 300 = 1/2 c ketchup & 2
TBs water; 400 = 1/2c ketchup.  Now  whenever  I do programs on DM, I
have zipper-type bags with these "potions" labeled (double bagged) to
demonstrate to people. It's a real eye-opener. When I first saw this, I
said no wonder I feel so awful with that thick blood going through!!!

Hope this "helps" us all to better understand what our loved ones are
experiencing, when their blood sugars are bouncing all over!!!


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