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[IPp] Re: School problems


I'm so glad that my advice helped.  Actually my biggest reward came a couple 
of days ago driving my daughter back from diabetes camp.  She has comments to 
me in past like "why do you always have to make a big deal out of everything" 
when it came to school issues.  But when she found out what other kids have 
to go through at school she told me she realized how lucky she was that she 
didn't have any problems at school.  She also realized that I made that 
happen for her.  So, that was worth everything I had gone through over the 
last 10 years (and believe me it was a lot) just to hear her say that.  
Cindy, your child is lucky to have you as a Mom.  Don't forget that.  Keep 

Cindy (mom to Alex dx 10/92, pumping since 5/99)     
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