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Re: [IPp] Re: School problems

> Dear Cindy,

PLEASE document all of this in diary or something. You will win this 
and when you do, this is a story that is BEGGING for press coverage. 
You can not imagine what a positive impact this kind of story has for 
other struggling parents that are not fortunate enough to be members 
of our little "IP club".

IP has a writers with press connections that can facilitate this.


> Thank you. I did take your advice.  Got in touch with an advocate
> who got me a public interest lawyer, who, from what I hear, is
> absolutely incredible.  However, the school is not returning her
> phone calls as of today, so she is going to have to write a letter,
> we are looking at another week at least.  They get the letter, then
> they write back, etc. etc. etc....they aren't taking or returning
> any of my phone calls since the principal e-mailed me what they want
> for the 504 plan.  The lawyer is going to file an "petition for
> emergency relief" so that Jess can start school along with her
> classmates AND test her sugars in the classroom until a suitable 504
> plan has been developed.  I am really starting to look at the big
> picture right now.  Relief for all children who have problems in the
> school system.  This just can't go on.  If it weren't for you
> POPer's egging me on and giving me incouragement, I would have given
> in.  I wonder ! how many parents end up giving in so that they don't
> "become trouble parents".  It's just not fair to the children.  I
> didn't know how or where to turn for help 7 months ago when Jess was
> first diagnosed with diabetes, and I got walked all over by the
> superintendent and the nurse, I ended up pulling my daughter out of
> school for over 2 weeks until they bent.  I was lucky I had a very
> supportive teacher on our side, but unfortunately couldn't be vocal
> about it.  I think this kind of thing goes on way too often, and I
> think our children are worth more than that! 
> Thank you so much for all of your advice and wisdom.  It has been
> gratrefully used.
> Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
> (1)non diab.>From: email @ redacted >Reply-To:
> email @ redacted >To:
> email @ redacted >Subject: [IPp] Re: School
> problems >Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 19:23:17 EDT > >Cindy, > >I may
> have mentioned this before but please contact the ADA (advocacy
> >people). They do have a lot of experience dealing with school
> issues and were >very helpful to me in dealing with my daughter's
> school when they put up a
> >fight about testing in the classroom. The Office of Civil Rights (in the
> >Dept. of Education) has lawyers who are willing to file suits against
> >specific schools or school districts on our behalf. Not enough parents
> know >that this is an option. If you want I can check the name of
> the lawyer I >talked to. The principal gave in before a suite was
> filed, by the way. > >Cindy (Mom to Alex dx 10/92, pumping since
> 5/99)
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