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Re: [IPp] 504 plan from he double toothpicks!

Dear Carol,

I don't know because I haven't gotten any answers back from them yet.  I
hope not.  I can't go back to work yet even though it would probobly help
a little (but I'd have to pay day care for the 2 little ones, and I would
be working for that, instead of just being there with my kids)  I do know
that something has to change.  My husband works 6 days a week, and is too
exhausted when he comes home to take on full responsibility for the kids
if I were to at least work at night.  Although he is very responsible
with Jess, he is not comfortable with taking care of it without asking me
a billion questions (even when I have things written down for him step by
step)  It's one of those things that if you don't consistently do it, you
just worry about.  Plus, he doesn't want to have to change a stinky
diaper, wet ones don't bother him, but he panicks over the stinky ones. 
I told him to get over it.  I know he works very hard, and it isn'! t
like he has 3 easy kids to watch.  Jess with the diabetes, Julie
with.....well whatever is wrong with her, and Trevor who, we have
nicknamed "suicidal toddler" after that song.  Plus Jess has cheerleading
twice a week, the girls start there dance classes next month, and then
football season starts, so Jess will be cheering on Sunday's too.  I'd
have to work 12am to 6am and then be up with the kids all day and never
sleep.....not that I do now anyway, but that is besides the point.  I'll
let you know what I find out from SSI when I hear myself.  Wish me luck!

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab.>From: "Carol Mulligan" >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: >Subject: Re: [IPp] 504 plan
from he double toothpicks! >Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 08:21:23 -0700 > > >
Dear Barbara, > > > > My Grandmother, who was a county nurse for umpteen
billion years, was the > > one who told me about SSI. Call Social
Security and they will do a > > phone interview with you. Then they will
send you out a huge stack of > > papers to fill out. Then they will send
you more papers, and send them > > to the teacher. Once those are sent
back, they have 120 days to make a > > decision. We are still waiting.
The 120 days for us ends next week. I > > have been told by many people
to not be surpeised if they turn us down at > > first, you just have to
re apply over and over, until you get it. > > > > Cindy, pump mom to
Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor > > (1)non diab.> >
>Doesn't SSI depend upon family income? When I called they told me my son
>dosn't qualify because my husband makes too much even though I had to
quit >work and we're struggling to pay all the bills. > >Carol
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