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Re: 504 vs IEP was Re: HELP!!!!! was Re: [IPp] re: Noah's 504 plan

After speaking with several advocates from the State of CT, I have been told 
over and over again that having an IEP offers more protection for your child 
and is more powerful than a 504. I think it is easy to misunderstand the 
difference from the two plans. I am still learning myself. After hearing from 
several parents on this list saying that a 504 is better, all I hear from the 
CT Parent Advocacy is that the IEP is better.  I don't know who is right. I 
do know for a fact that you can only have an IEP if your child has another 
health impairment OHI, otherwise they get the 504, but only at the request of 
the parent and in writing.
Sarah :)
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