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Re: [IPp] re: School Problems/let's change it

In a message dated 8/16/02 11:45:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> But I think these positive examples would
> go a long way to telling schools how to behave, instead of just what not to
> do.

     One of the things I did in the Phila chapter of JDRF was to initiate a 
Nurses Appreciation certificate which my hubby & I (non-creative types!) made 
up on the computer, literally cutting & pasting the JDRF logo from envelopes 
onto the certificate! LOL..It had the child's name, school name, nurse's name 
& 3 or 4 key specifics of how she had helped the child, such as maintaining 
contact with the parent, attending support groups on her own time, changing 
the child's lunch schedule to meet his needs, interacting personally with 
each teacher, advocating for the child's best interest etc. I did a mailing 
to our Moms Brunch Bunch offering this option for those who wanted to thank 
their schools, and I  received 17 requests. The results were VERY favorable - 
some of the nurses cried, some of the kids felt very "special" after the 
awards assembly as other classmates clamored to "know more", and one Catholic 
school featured the recognition in a paragraph in their parish bulletin, 
mailed to 3000 families. I am now trying to get JDRF to implement this 
nationally next year as a template that all chapters could download, & 
personalize as needed. We also purchased inexpensive frames, but that expense 
could be handled by the families who will be honoring their respective school 
nurse. With these awards prominently displayed in nurses' offices, I am 
hoping that other parents, teachers, nurses etc will see it & be encouraged 
to want to know what they did that was so special to have been thus 
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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