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[IPp] re: 504 vs IEP - why most kids need a 504, not an IEP

I saw the confusion on the 504 Plan vs. IEP debate flare up again, so here's a
link to the American Diabetes Association website describing each.  

Please note that children with diabetes whose educational performance is NOT
impacted by diabetes should be on a 504 plan - the IEP is for the smaller group
of children who are covered by 504 as well as having educational impact.  In
either case, schools who receive federal funding (for anything) can lose that
funding.  504's do not bring extra funding with them - meaning that the school
has to accomodate the child without getting any money for it but they can still
lose money for not accomodating.  IEP's do bring some funding to the school.  

Personally, I'd much prefer to have my son on a 504 - he is as bright & alert
as any of his classmates, does excellent work, etc.  He needs a few extra
minutes a day to test/treat/etc. and to make sure that he has free access to
water, bathroom, etc. during any assignments but he has no learning
disabilities.  And we had a great meeting with his teacher today....so there
are good schools & good educators out there!

Best regards,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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