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[IPp] advice on children doing their own sites

Amelia, first inserted her own site at D Camp this summer.  Upon her
return, she inserted 2 or 3 sites on her own and was so proud of
herself!  Then, the new wore off.  My question this group is, is it
easier for them to insert sites with an insertor?  I just ordered a 3
month supply of the Ultraflex sites but can always exchange them.  I am
looking for a site similiar to the ultraflex, definately needs to
disconnect?  Advice, please! Amelia just turned 9. I am hoping that, when
necessary and when Mom isn't around, she will change them at school.  I
am not trying to rush her but give her some independence and freedom from
mom and dad.  Also, don't have a lot of support from outside family as to
figuring out this whole Diabetes thing.  My older daughter, husband and
one wonderful/helpful neighbor is it.  Emla or other numbing creams is
not an option...have tried them and Amelia hates it.  Thanks in advan!
ce!  Love the support and advice received in this group!

Cheri, Mom to Amelia, Dgnsd 1-13-0, Pumping 1-11-00



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