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[IPn] report on REALITY - DON'T READ THIS!!!!!!!! - :>) if you can't pledge

On 13 Aug 2002 at 11:49, Michael wrote:

> Dear Pumpers and Friends,
> A brief update on the progress of the Summer Pledge Drive. In two days we will
> be half way through the month yet we have so far raised only $1,453 toward our
> goal for the quarter of $6,000.

Folks, that is only a quarter of the goal made and half the time is gone!

> If you are new to Insulin Pumpers, pledge drives occur quarterly and while a
> bit of a pain in the *&%@, are a necessity. Many other methods have been tried
> but none work nearly as well as asking those of you that enjoy and benefit
> daily from the Insulin Pumpers forums to pitch in to help support our
> financial needs. They are modest and would be entirely taken care of if our
> 3700+ members would each chip in less than $10 per year. Not everyone can or
> does contribute so please be generous and make a contribution.

Because if we don't do this, who knows what will happen to this support
group.    Let's look at the alternatives:

We could make this a paid membership site, that would take care of the
ongoing expense and might even pay Michael back a fraction for the years and
thousands of dollars that he has spent on building this site and list.  But
how will we attract and support those that haven't become pumpers yet?
They are the important goal of this site, helping to get diabetics that
haven't learned of pumping off to a successful start.   They would be put
off at this expense, not knowing how much they could gain from belonging
here, not succeeding as pumpers with a new life.  This way would work for
the current members, but not many others.     :>\

Michael could sell this site to a commercial concern, one of the pump
companies or insulin manufacturers or maybe one of the meter companies.
What would that do to the  diversity of this group?  Would some of us be
excluded because we "belong to the other side"?  Would you still feel like
this site was that important to you since it was now a marketing tool of a
company, even if you did use their products?  Would we still be able to say
YMMV?  I think not, this group would become very restricted in what could be
posted.  No one really wants this group to be "moderated"       :>O

Unless one of us is a really generous benefactor or has a rich uncle the
only way I see is the current one.  We must have Pledges of support.  If you
believe that the internet is free, just read the following article.  PLEDGE
Don't let www.Insulin-Pumpers.org be the next dotcom bust.       :>(



(and if you think that you could put together something like this yourself
in your spare time, then you haven't been around the internet for very long)
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website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org