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Re: [IPp] Non diabetic siblings

Dear Carol, Marie and Sarah,

Thank you so much for all your advice.  After speaking with her doc, and
making phone calls ALL day (and not managing to get anything else done),
the conclusion to this is, she has a problem, what it is has yet to be
determined.  I can't find out whether my insurance covers it.  I have
been back and forth with the insurance company to the point I am ready to
scream.  If I hospitalize her (which there are no places in our area) it
is covered.  Does it need to go to that extent is beyond me.  From
talking to people today, she is showing signs of a compulsive
disorder.....may be hereditary from somewhere down the line.   The rest
they are unsure of, but she does need to be seen by somebody, it's just a
matter of who and how much, etc....all I know is we can't afford this
financially at all right now.  Jessy's diabetes has hurt us so much
financially, that we can't see the light of day.  Now, this on top of it,
is just in! sane.  I am trying so hard to find her help right now, and I
am getting no answers from the insurance company, I'm just getting
bounced around like a ball, going crazy and getting very depressed. 
Thanks for listening to me vent.

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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email @ redacted >Subject: Re: [IPp] Non diabetic
siblings >Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 14:38:23 EDT > >In a message dated
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> > > > and an ADHD spazz! > > > >Hi Cindy, > >I'm sure you are not
meaning this the way it came accross. But from an adult >who is ADD (and
with ADD can come hyper-sensitivity), the venting we do here >can be
misconstrued! Many of the side-effects of ADD/ADHD have to do with
>long-term self-esteem issues and mild depression (called Dystemia) due
to >some of the labels given to us because of many of the symptoms we
often >cannot help. Hoping all goes well with the diagnosis...and feel
free to >e-mail me with any questions, as I've been there, done that! :)
> >Warmly, > >Marie :) >Mom to Nikkolas (Nikko) 7/98 >Dx'd 3/01 >Pumping
MM508 since 7/02
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