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Re: [IPp] Non diabetic siblings


I wouldn't be too quick to think ADHD...I think too many kids are falsely 
diagnosed with that. When Matthew was that age he also was a terror. Run me 
ragged all day long. Ever since he started walking he would get into anything 
and everything that he wasn't supposed to touch. When he was four he started 
speech therapy and would not sit still for the 1/2 hr lesson, his teacher 
said she thought ADHD..I was so mad!  To make a long story short, he grew out 
of it.  He still has a lot of energy but has calmed down a lot. He still 
can't sit for too long of a period at school, or loses focus if he is made to 
sit and do work for too long...but even that has improved since last year.  
He definitely does not have ADHD and his endo agrees that he is just a very 
active child.  Even today I caught him with a hammer pounding on a Mardi Gras 
beaded necklace.  I was going to KILL him..he should know better, but then 
again he is just a kid.  I know it is hard to have an overly active child, 
but I bet she grows out of it in a year or so.  
Sarah :)
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