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[IPp] Re: site changes

Okay group,
My son is 16 and still does not do his own insert sites.

Your son had troubles pushing the button, mine has troubles telling his peers 
he cannot share his snack, he needs it, has taken insulin for this...we are 
working on the self confidence this summer.  Jake (13, almost 14) still has 
days when he makes 4-5 attempts at "pushing the button" before he actually 
does it.  His last excuse, "I have a burp in there I need to get out first".  
My husband asked if he inserted while the burp was in there, would he fly 
around the room like a balloon?  This released the tension, and the button 
was pushed.  A sense of humor is so very important for this disease.

Judy, mom to Jake, pumping since 8/01
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