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[IPp] re: Fighting site change?

<<<From: "SHARI CLAGUE" <email @ redacted>
<<I am new here and you have all been very helpful. Now I need special help. 
<<My son is 5 and has been pumping for almost 2 weeks now. When will he stop 
<<fighting site changes? He screams and cries until we do it, then he is fine 
<<right away? He knows it does not hurt much, he is just still scared. Any 
<<advice would be helpful.    Shari-mom to Jayson 5 dx'd 6/00>>>>>>>>>>

Shari, I'm sorry about the fights - those just wring you & him out emotionally.
 Our son Luke fought injections for about a week when first diagnosed, and has
fought site changes each time we've changed the type of infusion set - most
recently it was Silhouettes, and he fought them for over 2 weeks.  Some site
changes were taking nearly an hour to do as we talked him through his fears.  

So we came up with that if he would help and just get it over with, that we
would give him 15 minutes each time it went quickly to save up and do something
fun with us.   Last week Luke & I had lunch together, and this week we're going
to see a movie (he saved up 3 hours).  This has been a very positive reward for
him, and it lets us all spend time on things we like instead of what we don't
like.   Plus it's not outright bribery, although I considered that (LOL!).  

Hope that gives you some ideas!  Best of luck,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01


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