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Re: [IPp] Fighting site change?


My son is also five yrs old and started pumping this past May. He fought me 
tooth and nail at first. It was literally a screaming match, he'd yell, I'd 
yell louder.  All I can say is that it will get better in time.  It took us 
about a month before Matthew would stand still and not fight me.  Our biggest 
problem now with site changes is for him to keep his butt loose. He seems to 
squeeze his cheeks together and I have to remind him to loosen up or it will 
hurt.  Now he stands nicely for me, occasionally if someone is watching (my 
ex husband, another relative) he will over exaggerate what it feels like when 
inserting. Typical kid stuff when they have an "audience".  When he was 
giving me a hard time, I would ask him after a site change was over, what 
makes him cry and fight me so much?  Does it hurt?  He always said no it did 
not hurt, but the sil-serter scared him when I pushed the button because of 
the loud "click" noise it made.  He has also over come that now too. 
Thankfully.  Give your little one time to adjust, you'll see that it will get 
Good Luck,
Sarah :)
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