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Re: [IPp] Kids doing site changes


That is so funny.  A few weeks ago, I took my daughter on a Whale Watch in 
Cape Cod, and left Matthew with my sister. She is great, she knows just as 
much as I do about Diabetes and Matthews care...
Anyways..I am on the bus ride to the Cape, and my sister calls my cel phone 
to tell me that Matthew is in the 300's. I am in a panic of course!  She 
tells me that after I dropped Matthew off, he told her that he needed a 
bolus. She said no Matthew mommy bolused you and you don't get another until 
you eat.  So I had my sister check his pump for his last bolus, and sure 
enough, he was right. I had forgotten to bolus for his breakfast. VERY SMART 
kid...I was so proud of him, but could have killed myself!!!
Sarah :)
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