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Re: [IPp] Our amazing children

Dear Marie,

I absolutely LOVE the idea of your "bravery day"!  What a great idea! 
That would be a good thing to do for Jessy on the anneversary of her
diagnosis, coming up in January.  I can't believe that it has only been 7
months since her diagnosis, it feels like forever.

Thank you so very much for your "Bravery day" idea. 


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email @ redacted >Subject: Re: [IPp] Our amazing
children >Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 16:55:34 EDT > >In a message dated
8/10/2002 1:25:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time, >email @ redacted writes:
> > > > ? I think our kids are so incredible! I had to test my > > sugars
and give myself insulin through injections when I was pregnant > >
(gestational diabetic) and I wasn't half the trooper my daughter is. >
>We only used the ela-max once with Nikko....this last site change he was
>watching a favorite video & barely even moved (and said it didn't hurt).
I, >on the other hand, had a *major* owie (so *I* thought) when I did a
BG in my >pinky....I don't even want to talk about when I inserted the
pump on me for >practice. That's why this past week, my hubby and I
instituted a new family >tradition: "Bravery Day". It's where we
celebrate Nikko for being brave and >dealing with all of this. He really
got a kick out of it. He told the >cashier at Target, "I'm a brave boy,
and Poppy is going to buy me a special >treat, because I don't get shots
anymore in my insulin pump." > >Warmly, > >Marie :) >Mom to Nikkolas
(Nikko) 7/98 >Dx'd 3/01 >Pumping MM508 since 7/02
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