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Re: [IPp] Emla cream confession

Dear Dianne,

I am so sorry about your diagnosis.  Don't you wish you could wave a
magic wand and make ALL diseases just dissapear?  I hope all goes well
with you, I'll say a prayer.


>From: Dianne Shekell >Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: POP , Insulin Pumpers >Subject: [IPp] Emla cream confession >Date:
Sat, 10 Aug 2002 19:31:07 -0400 > >BlankHi everyone, > First I'd like to
thank everyone for the suggestions on how to apply emla cream. > My son's
the one that's diabetic, but I'M the one who asked my neurologist for the
prescription. > When Johnny started on the pump, his endo didn't want to
give me a prescription for emla cream. He wanted Johnny to get used to
putting in his sets without it because he said, "if there were a time
when we had to do a set change quick, he wouldn't want to do it without
waiting for the emla cream to take effect first". I kind of saw his
point. > Johnny does fine with injecting his set, and yes he does it
himself (he would NEVER let me do it for him). He wanted to be in control
of that. Which I'm very glad he did. > The reason I asked my doctor for
the prescription for Emla cream is that I've just recently been diagnosed
with MS. Long story. After having the "new improved MRI's", she says that
she can say with a 97% certainty, that I have MS. She wants me to start
Copaxone shots next Tuesday. I will be taking one shot a day for the rest
of my life. > I understand that the shots will sting for a while during
injection and a little while after. Site soreness and slight swelling are
to be expected. Unlike insulin, Copaxone is said to be a skin irritant,
but I realize that with all medicines, they effect everyone differently.
I may not have any problems. I won't use the Emla cream for the first
shot. I want to see what they will be like first. If I feel I need it,
then I'll use it. > I asked Johnny if he wanted to try it for his set
changes and he said "not really, they don't hurt that much and I don't
want to have to wait to do a change. I just want to change it when I'm
ready". > I think I'll apply it to his arm when his 3 month check up
comes up. That's when they take blood for his A1c. THAT'S when he says it
hurts! He's all for trying it then. >Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10 > >[demime
0.98e removed an attachment of type image/gif which had a name of Blank
Bkgrd.gif] >----------------------------------------------------------
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