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[IPp] Our amazing children

Dear All,  We've been talking about what our kids pick up from listening
to us, and what they do for themselves and what they let us do for them. 
You know what?  I think our kids are so incredible!  I had to test my
sugars and give myself insulin through injections when I was pregnant
(gestational diabetic) and I wasn't half the trooper my daughter is.  I
had a light at the end of the tunnel (when the child was born), and knew
it.  Our children's only hope is tied up right now with politics.  These
kids go through so much every day just to try to be normal and healthy. 
I am just so impressed with my daughter and  your children that you all
write about.  I can't even begin to imagine what it would have been like
for me at the age of 8 to be told I had a chronic disease which would 
cause me to give myself injections for the rest of my life.  I know that
you do what you have to do, make it a part of your daily living, a! nd
then get on with it, but they are just shining stars to me.    My
duaghter has begun cheerleading, and in September will also begin a Hip
Hop Jazz dance (we just registered her today) and she has been taking
swim classes all summer.  She has not let this disease stop her from
doing the things that she loves.  She just deals with it.  I know that
your children are all the same, and it just really makes me proud. 
Thanks for letting me get sentimental for a minute!Cindy


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