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[IPp] re: Kids doing site changes

<<<<Sarah wrote:
<<<I was wondering at what age your children were when they started inserting
<<<their own?  Matthew will be six in a month and I am trying to get him to at 
<<<least push the button of the sil-serter.  Now when I insert I count to three

<<<then push it in.  I try to explain to him that if he pushes the button, he 
<<<will be in control of when it goes in, and I won't have to count to three.

Sarah, you hit on the clincher for Luke.  He started pushing the button on his
Sil-serter last fall, right about age 7, when we switched over to Sils.  It was
mainly to be in control because the Sils are a lot scarier looking than the
QuickSets, which he was using.  Before that he had no interest in pushing the
button the QuickSets.  We have had Luke helping to pick out sites since the
start of pumping though, so we could all get used to what "feels" right when
picking a site.

We do sites only on his belly (a ring around his belly button), the tops of his
hips/buttocks, and his love handles (1 pocket on each side of the lower back). 
Our pump trainer agrees w/ us on not trying the thighs because Luke's legs are
so muscular.  We have an adult friend w/ Type 1 DM & he prefers the thigh....it
all depends.

You have to judge your own kid, but for us the first step is picking a site,
getting Luke to clean it, and now pushing the button on the inserter.  We take
it one step at a time on turning these things over to him.  Sounds like you're
on the right track.

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99 (age 4), pumping 3/01  

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