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Re: [IPp] Kids doing site changes

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> I was wondering at what age your children were when
> they started inserting on 
> their own?  

This is a good question, but there is no hard, fast
answer.  All kids will do their own things when THEY
are ready.  No matter how hard we try and how much we
want them to, they will only do it when they are
ready, OR when fate makes them, like in our case. 
Jessica was 8, I had just put in a new site that
morning and she went to school.  I had an appointment
2 hours away, and was gone when she called to tell me
her site got pulled out in PE.  Well, the nurse was
gone that day and the substitute was new and had never
been taught how to do a site change.  So I said,
Jessica, you are going to have to change it yourself. 
She said ok, and did it.  She has been doing them ever
since, when I am not around to do them.  She still
prefers that I do it, but she can and does quite
often.  So I guess it just depends on your child an
the circumstances.  BTW, Jess is now 10 and has been
pumping since she was 6.

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, 10, dx'd @ 8 months, pumping 3 years, Jarred, 11, Cody, 10, and married to George, the best hubby!

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