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Re: [IPp] Kids doing site changes

Dear Sarah,

It is funny you should ask that question.  My Jessy was about a month
into being 8 when she was diagnosed with diabetes.  Before we went to the
hospital, we were given Regular insulin by her doctor to get us by until
CHOP taught us everything.  Well, my Grandmother (who had been a nurse
for 50+ years, and a mother to 8, Grandmother to 22) felt she needed to
be involved in the first couple of shots.  We literally had to sit on
Jessy to give her the shots (she was so freaked out by needles)  Now
picture finding out that your child has a disease (which I know you all
can) where she has to have these shots in order to live, and then having
to chase, tackle and sit on her to give them to her.  I wanted to die.  I
prayed it was all a mistake and I would not have to sit on her 3+ times a
day for the rest of my life (I didn't even know there was a wonderful
machine out there called the insulin pump at the time)......by the way,
this went for us ! pricking her finger too.  At CHOP, those incredible
nurses suggested that she do it all herself (I would fill the needles, of
course and watch her inject, but she would actually do the injections and
prick her own finger)  The rest is history.  She feels that she is in
control when she does it herself and gives us no trouble at all because
of it.  I have NEVER inserted Jessy's site.  She has always picked where
(we discuss it) and just does it, of course, the emla cream helps A
LOT!!!!!..........You asked.......lol.


>From: email @ redacted >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To:
email @ redacted >Subject: [IPp] Kids doing site
changes >Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 21:40:50 EDT > >I was wondering at what
age your children were when they started inserting on >their own? Matthew
will be six in a month and I am trying to get him to at >least push the
button of the sil-serter. Now when I insert I count to three >then push
it in. I try to explain to him that if he pushes the button, he >will be
in control of when it goes in, and I won't have to count to three. >He
says he will never do it, that I will do it even when he gets big. He is
>adorable!! I dont want to rush him, I am just curious how you all knew
when >it was time to have your kids do it on their own. >Sarah :)
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