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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #155

Hi Cindy,

In New Zealand there aren't alot of people on pumps - probably something to
do with the fact that there is no funding!! Michael is the youngest pumper
in NZ by about 3 or 4 years I think and it took abit of a struggle to get
him on the pump - but well worth it. There is lobbying going on so hopefully
things may change but I think it will probably take alot of time - the
public health system here is always short of money. Our site change
yesterday went really well, did the full tea time bolus shortly afterwards
and it didn't hurt so I think there must be something in the comment made
earlier about perhaps sometimes the site is close to a nerve ending - makes
sense to me.

Hi Mandy, great to see you here!!

Suzanne, Canterbury New Zealand, mum of Michael 7, D dxd 08/99, coeliacs dxd
04/00,pumping 04/02, Daniel 9, wife of Paul.
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