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Re: [IPp] How do you aply Emla cream?


I have never used the Emla cream to insert.  My son is five and I did not use 
it because I did not want him to rely on having it.  He does great with site 
changes and it takes me five minutes to do one.  Occassionally he will say 
"ouch" but then run off and play.  He does use the Emla cream when he gets 
blood work done at the Endo.  They put an amount the size of a quarter or 
half dollar about a 1/4 inch think or a bit less than that, then they cover 
it with IV3000 tape.  They leave it on for 45 min and he is good to go.  I am 
sure it would be the same no matter where you apply it, just be sure you wash 
it off well before inserting.
Sarah :)
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