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[IPp] cannula inserts

Hi All,
My name is Mandy and I have an almost 11 year old who has been pumping for 3 
years and a diabetic for 4 1/2 years.
We have used the emla cream ourselves but Brooke does not like having to 
wait, we were then told to try ice as that numbs the site very quickly.  As 
you can imagine thats great in summer but not so great in winter!!!!
She now does the site changes with nothing even though it hurts her for a 
little time, she finds it better to just get it over with.  Makes me cringe 
when she lets out a little yell at the time but she gets over it pretty 
quickly.  We have been very lucky with how she has handled all this.  
Hopefully in time the needle will be a bit smaller so therefore not cause so 
much discomfort.  It doesnt always hurt Brooke so maybe there is a right way 
and a wrong way to insert.  I think sometimes she tenses just before and 
then it will hurt more because the skin is taut.
Goodluck to all
wife of Jim
mum to Brooke email @ redacted pumping @8, Marc 18 stepmum to MIke email @ redacted & Tim 20

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