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Re: [IPp] Re: swimming

> In a message dated 8/9/2002 12:37:29 AM Central Daylight Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> > Devin (14) won't insert
> > anywhere except there.  I've suggested the hip/butt area, but he's like "no
> > way".
> >
> That's how Zach was at first.   Tummy only for the first 4 months.  
> But then when the pool opened, he was self concious of the site on
> his tummy. He gave in one night and let me try his thigh and now he
> likes that.

heh... heh... Lily was talking with a girlfriend in the kitchen last 
night and the topic of "where to put insertion sets" came up for some 
reason. Her comment was "I used to put them in my abdomen, but I like 
to wear string bikini's so I put them in my butt...."  'nuf said :-)

email @ redacted
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