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Re: [IPp] Gym Class at school

> Carol,
> That schedule looks fine to me, if anything I would eliminate the mid
> test...that is just me and my opinion.  Does your son know how he feels
> he is going low?  If not, then keep that test...otherwise your doing what
> would do. How lucky his gym class is right after lunch!!!
> Sarah :)
> Oh, and by the way, no biggie your CDE is on vacation the first few days
> school, you may want to do extra testing the first week to see if a
> comes up for both regular days and gym days, and then present the finding
> the CDE.  Sounds like a good plan to me.


Luck has nothing to do with the timing of PE.  They have PE every hour at
his middle school, so tomorrow I'm going to politely request/insist that he
have PE right after Lunch.  I figure he'll be less likely to go low, plus if
needed we can adjust his insulin to carb ratio at lunch.  I thought that
would make it the easiest for Devin.

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