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[IPp] Gym Class at school

First school year on the Pump!  School starts on the 15th and my CDE is on
vacation until the 18th (how dare she??) If I want to make changes in Devin's
(14 yrs. old) schedule, I want to do so before classes start not after.  So,
when would be the best time for gym class?  I was thinking right after lunch,
since he would test, eat, have gym and then test again.  This is how I would
set his day up:

6am - shower and get ready
6:30 - BG test, eat and bolus
7:25 - walk, car ride, or ride bike to school
7:45 - classes start
9:30 - BG test
12:30 - 1:00 - BG test, eat lunch, bolus
1:00 - 1:53 - PE
1:57 - 2:50 - end of class before walking or biking home he would test

I'm trying to eliminate his having to test TOO often and, also, eliminate lows
from PE.  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


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