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[IPp] Swimming question

The swimming season is almost over, however, I wanted to get some feedback
on this issue.  Here's the deal...  My son, Christopher uses the MM508 with
6 mm Quicksets.  We disconnect before swimming, suspend the pump, check
blood sugars every 1 - 1 1/2 hours, and give snacks or boluses as needed.
Usually, we need a snack, as he rarely goes high because of the activity.
However, after swimming, I prime the pump until I see insulin coming out of
the set, because I have noticed the insulin tends to get sucked down the
tubing a little bit.  After priming, I re-attach.  Lately, Christopher has
been eating something afterwards, we bolus for it, and then, 1-2 hours
later, he is in the 200-300 range.  Do you think I need to give a prime for
the cannula after re-attaching because the insulin is no longer in there?  I
know this "prime" topic has been going on for the past few days, but not
where swimming is concerned.  What is the procedure that all of you out
there follow where this issue is concerned?  We are in the process of
playing around with the process but I thought I would turn to the experts
out here!!!


Mom to Christopher (dx'd 5/99, pumping 1/01), Jordan - 3, expecting in
Wife to Dennis
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