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Re: [IPp] priming

Dear sarah,

There are still a ton of things I am learning about our new paradigm pump
too.  So much to learn and get down in my ragged brain.    We had a
wonderful educator from minimed (I'm sure you did too), I would call the
educater and ask that they walk you through it step by step.  I may have
to do that, too once Jessy gets on her school schedule.  I have no idea
what shool this year will be like, I can only mimick it at home to a
certain degree to have her basal rates adjusted.  Is it driving you guys
insane too?  Please let me know what you end up doing.

Thank you,


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Thu, 8 Aug 2002 07:37:13 EDT > >Kathy, > >I'd have to agree with you
there. My son is very very sensitive to the >insulin and he has had
diabetes for 3 1/2 yrs now. Since going on the pump, >even the 0.1 basal
sometimes causes him to go so low. Now on Mon, Wed, Fri >while he is at
summer school they have gym classes and he was going into the >40's...so
I do a basal of 0.0 and that helped alot. >Does anyone know if you can
set your basal rates to change every other day or >do you manually do
that yourself? We pump using Paradigm. I was reading up >on the temp
basal and didn't quite understand, I think it meant that you can >give a
temp basal that will last for up to 24hrs? I am not sure... >Otherwise, I
may keep his basal at the 0.1 and then have him just drink a >juice box
before gym. What do you guys think? >Sarah :)
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