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Re: [IPp] priming


I'd have to agree with you there.  My son is very very sensitive to the 
insulin and he has had diabetes for 3 1/2 yrs now.  Since going on the pump, 
even the 0.1 basal sometimes causes him to go so low.  Now on Mon, Wed, Fri 
while he is at summer school they have gym classes and he was going into the 
40's...so I do a basal of 0.0 and that helped alot.
Does anyone know if you can set your basal rates to change every other day or 
do you manually do that yourself?  We pump using Paradigm.  I was reading up 
on the temp basal and didn't quite understand, I think it meant that you can 
give a temp basal that will last for up to 24hrs?  I am not sure...  
Otherwise, I may keep his basal at the 0.1 and then have him just drink a 
juice box before gym. What do you guys think?
Sarah :)
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