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[IPp] High after site change

Hi everyone,

I did Michaels site change just before tea last night. He has complained
that the first bolus after a site change is quite painful so for the tea
bolus I broke it up into 5 smaller boluses in the hope that it wouldn't hurt
so much. It seemed to help but then at supper time he was 29 (525)!! I gave
a correction and his numbers came down nicely. I am now trying to figure out
what happened. I am wondering if perhaps the wee metal needle (we use
Disetronic rapids) got clogged with abit of body tissue of some sort when it
was inserted, then giving smaller boluses before tea(.5 units at a time)
didn't clear the blockage and because of that he got no insulin. When I gave
him the correction bolus it worked fine. Any thoughts or similar experiences
and conclusions would be appreciated.

Suzanne, Canterbury New Zealand, mum of Michael 7, D dxd 08/99, coeliacs dxd
04/00,pumping 04/02, Daniel 9, wife of Paul.
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