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[IPp] foot sores

OK all you wonderful POPer's out there, I need some more advice
(non-school related.....lol)Jess has in ingrown toenail that is extremely
infected.  We are going to our incredible doctor tomorrow morning, and we
have been soaking it in warm salt water and putting Neosporin on it, but
is there anything else we can do to help her for tonight?  Also, on her
other foot, she has what we thought was a wart, but seems to be
developing a hole in it, really strange.  Have any of you seen anything
like this before?  She is starting cheerleading tomorrow and is really
upset that the doctor might make her stay off of her feet.  I told her
that is what she gets for running around barefoot, but she doesn't want
to hear that, she is wearing sandals now.  If you guys have any
suggestions or recommendations to get us through the night, I would
greatly appreciate it.  (Jess is quite the drama queen, and this will
come into play tonight at bath time and bedtime, I'm sure you all know
what I am talking about....lol)  Thank you once again.Cindy


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